A Quick And Easy "New" Accessory

The items that decorate a room can vary wildy in quality and cost.  As an interior designer, I really enjoy finding that special accessory that brings interest and meaning to a space. It might be found in a posh gallery, a discount store or even in another part of the house--just waiting for a new use!  Today it happened in my own home:  

interior design, bookshelf, accessories


That is one blah looking shelf up there above Mr. TV.  I don't stare at the tv often, so the area gets very little decorative effort.  But come on, this is pretty sad!  I took the green glass vessel down and put something more interesting in it's place.  Now, what to do with the green glass?


interior design ideas, accessories, glass vase


I plopped it down on the new coffee table in the Living Room.  Hmmmm.  Liking it there. But it needs something.  Suddenly I became Frugal Crafty Woman and sprang into action! The table leans toward the mid century modern style, so I wanted to keep things spare and calm.  Looking through my stash, I found some clear glass filler (always have that on hand--very useful), an old jar of treasured marbles and an LED candle.  I feel a fab accessory is in the making!


Finished glass, candle holder, updating accessories


Ta-Da!  It would have been fine with just the clear glass filler, but I like the hint of color and I LOVE those old marbles.

Easy DIY accessory, candle holder


It doesn't take much to make me happy, does it?   I'm going to look for an LED candle that has the realistic flickering flame and is on a timer - wouldn't that be fabulous?  It would come on every day and "burn" for 5 hours.  No fire worries, no melted wax.  I love those things.


Wander about your house.  Move things around.




Update:  I found the better (more realistic) LED candle with the timer feature at Stein Mart. Perfection.