A Small Foyer Gets A Fresh Look

My Foyer isn’t just small, it’s SO small that I’m not sure I should call it a Foyer. Regardless, it was time for the tiny space to get a fresh look.

This is NOT my foyer. I did this for a delightful family a while back -  click here  to see more. That rug is perfect!

This is NOT my foyer. I did this for a delightful family a while back - click here to see more. That rug is perfect!

My barely-a-foyer isn’t a gracious space with a high ceiling like this one is. However, I love my sweet house and my goal is always to create spaces of every size that make their owners smile (even when the owner is ME).

Here’s my Before:


Yep, VERY different from that foyer at the top. We’ll call it cozy, ok?

The antique desk came from my sister in New England, the stack of red books was a collection of my mom’s, the lamp was made from a candlestick belonging to Hub’s grandmother and the artwork was done by a long-ago friend. All treasures from loved people.

I liked how this tiny space looked for a long time, but suddenly it was really making me yawn. This is a good example of how decor gets dated right before our eyes.

I kept all those items (of course!), but found new places for each one, because I wanted this corner to be lighter, brighter and updated. On top of that, in reading Jayme Barrett’s book , “Feng Shui Your Life” I learned that this area of our house should have blue, black and something watery in it. Oops! I had none of that, so time to add those in!

Here’s the After:


Still nothing grand (I can’t change the size of the space), but it’s definitely more inviting space now. It’s a fresh look. The wood desk moved around the corner into the Living Room.


Here’s the desk, happy in it’s new spot, surrounded by artwork I’m not big on staging things like this, so I’ve just let items navigate over to it. Books, shells, rocks, a fun vase. It’s really pretty at night when that little lamp is the only light on in the room.

Back to the fresh look in the foyer:


I found the small console table and the glass vases at a local shop, Steven Shell Living. I put marbles in them (not sure why, but I like marbles). The pottery bowl is from the Gaskins Gallery in my favorite beach town on the Outer Banks. I added a modern light fixture from Target and then a little bowl of shells, a piece of lapis lazuli and some quartz crystals. The artwork above the table looks like a wave to me - does it look like that to you? That’s my water element for helpful energy.

Just beyond this corner is what made another BIG difference.


How about that Husky Orange front door?! It’s a Sherwin Williams paint color. And the bigger blue indoor/outdoor rug from Capel Rugs POPS in the space because, as we know, blue and orange are complementary colors, meaning they sparkle and shine next to each other.

The rug is 4 x 6 which looks a LOT nicer to me. I always tell my design clients that larger proportions usually gives the best results. So I followed my own advice!

We had the house exteriors painted over the summer. I didn’t want to show you the Husky Orange door until I wrote a blog post about that project. However, I’ve got to wait for the humidity to go down considerably before I can add one more painted touch to our front porch. Consider this your sneak peek to that post.

This small foyer got a fresh look on a very small budget. It wasn’t a project - just something I took apart and then built up again as I found the right pieces. Small changes can have a nice impact, don’t you think?

Do you have a corner in your home that needs a little attention?

With sparkle and texture,