A Very Simple Project

  Renee Treml artwork


Like everyone else, I have been busy and the summer is flying by.  I long for slow, lazy days.  I ache to sit by the beach and take a swim.  But right now, that's not happening.  So I indulged in a short, crafty project that took about an hour, spread over 2 days.   The photo above shows a corner that is restful, serene,,,,and making me yawn.  I found this old frame while at SuZanna's Antiques in Raleigh:


old frame, antique store, craft project, adding color to the room


I perused my many leftover cans of sample paint and chose Sherwin Williams' Gutsy Grape.


purple, magenta, pink, paint project


The next step was going to be to give it a top coat of black, then sand it lightly to let just a bit of the purple show through.  But then a wonderful client and friend, Lynn Alker of Lot 7, gave me this amazing bouquet of Lisianthus and a dahlia.  I propped the purple frame behind it to take a photo to Tweet for Lynn:


Lot 7, Raleigh farmer, micro farmer, purple flowers, dahlia



Once I saw all that decadent, royal, fabulous (not to mention gutsy) purple against my gray walls and next to my gray drapes, I knew the color had to stay.


home decor, interior design, using color, diy, fun with paint


I rehung the gorgeous birds, painted by Renee Treml (www.reneesartwork.com), so they fit inside the purple frame.  Am very pleased with myself.  $25 for the frame was the cost of this little diversion from my busy life.  The result makes me smile.


Art project before and after, diy design, easy paint project, interior design raleigh


Here's the Before and After.  Love it!