A Weekend In Charleston and Loving Animals


That’s a weird post title, I know. Before I swoon over my happy weekend in Charleston, I need to take a moment to tell you something really important because I know that like me, you love animals.

Today while listening to a podcast from Sheri + Nancy of The Pillar Life, (those women are so funny and informative, they make car rides fly by), they mentioned something that stopped me in my tracks. There’s a website where we can find out if the products we use in our homes—including beauty products—are tested on animals!

We all know that small steps can bring about change. So my small step is to start moving away from supporting animal testing. What a horror lab animals live. I want no part of that.

Cruelty Free Kitty. Click on that name to go to the site. It’s full of easy to read information and you can look up your products to find out if they’re cruelty free, or if they’re not. The bunny pic was taken off their Instagram page. Go there to follow them and consider taking this small step with me.

Now, about last weekend….


A getaway weekend is good for everyone and I don’t get them nearly enough! Charleston is only 4.5 hours away, so off we went.

It’s such a pretty city and the Historic District is the perfect size for a weekend. Plenty of time to slow your roll and see everything. I took a LOT of pictures and you’ll see that I focussed on front doors way too much. And gardens. Windows too. Really, when I’m in front of a huge, drop dead gorgeous house, why do I take a close-up of one tiny element?

Well, for one reason, if I stand far enough away to get the whole house in the frame, I’ll also get parked cars. Charleston homes can host BIG parties, but there’s no space in any of the driveways for more than a couple of cars. I don’t like taking pictures of cars!

Here are some of my favorite shots:


That plant wall is a great idea, right? And a string of lights makes me smile every time.


Lots of churches there. This peach one is lovely.


Here I am, in front of a building of condos that look out over the water. I’ll take one of these please!


Door, entrances, light fixtures - they fascinate me. Plus I’m paying a lot of attention to exterior house colors right now as I need to choose some new ones for our sweet cottage by July.


Iron railings are everywhere. This sage green is so soft on the tough iron.


This seating area looks like a great spot to sip a drink on a hot afternoon.


Great details.


Of course Charleston reminds me of my beloved New England!


Ironwork everywhere.


I hope they put some pretty plants in those urns flanking the front door soon!


Iron balconies are works of art.


I took this picture (above) because I want to think about having some gray shutters of my own.


This smaller home was just very different from the others. That shrub in the front is kind of whimsical and look how clean all those windows are!


Wouldn’t you like to sashay down those those stairs?


Look at those light fixtures!


Here’s another photo I took to mull over the paint colors. I love the combination a lot, but Hub doesn’t want a red door. He says “we’ve been there, done that.” Ok, we’ll pick another sassy color. How about burnt apricot?

I don’t know if this is a work in progress or an intentional look. It’s interesting.

I don’t know if this is a work in progress or an intentional look. It’s interesting.


Even the firehouse has a touch of whimsey. There’s the perfect dog.


Well, I do declare! Those columns are some kind of fabulous!


Cool and inviting.


Lions are ironwork and tile, oh my!


This was probably my favorite door. That green is perfect.


I like to have space, but I long for a tiny alley garden. They remind me of my mom. She could make a garden out of any space.


Who doesn’t love a windowbox?


Very manicured. This is March - imagine how this looks in July. Gorgeous.


Here’s my favorite house. Not the grandest, but it’s the one that I loved the best. Those colors just sing!

That’s enough of my pictures. If you’ve never been to Charleston, please go. Fabulous food, friendly people and very, very charming. If you’re like me and you get excited by looking at houses, here’s another post I wrote and here’s yet one more!

With sparkle and texture,