What I'm Reading Now.

First a little back story:  I've been making dinner at our house for about 100 years.  Too many.  I'm tired of doing it, don't want to do it, keep trying to quit doing it.  I almost got out of it, but 11 years ago, when 6 month old Grandboy came to live with us, it started all over again.  Our empty nest years just didn't happen.



But I make it clear pretty regularly that I don't like cooking anymore.  I'm not proud of the fact that I complain frequently about the task, but there it is.  So when Hub actually gave me this cookbook last Christmas (hoping it would "rekindle my love of cooking"), sparks flew.  And they weren't sparks of love, I can assure you. Enough said.  

As I went to box the book up to return to Amazon, I flipped through a couple of pages and found many of the recipes looked simple and yummy.  I'll fast forward to today: I cook out of this cookbook at least once or twice a week.  Every recipe has been a winner.  Hub smirks with pleasure, although he gets NO credit for this coincidence and has been threatened with his own gift of a cookbook if he ever does that again.

There was also an Adele CD under the tree.  That went back to Amazon.  Hub is a wonderful guy and has given me many thoughtful, loving gifts throughout our marriage.  This was just an off year.  

Ree Drummond's "The Pioneer Woman Cooks Dinnertime" gets two thumbs up!