Fantastic Design In The 2019 HGTV Dream House

It’s full of ideas, but before we get into it, some housekeeping to give credit where credit is due.

The designer of this year’s HGTV Dream House is Brian Patrick Flynn. Brian did a great job of designing every room to be gorgeous, livable, warm and very, very inviting. The photographer of the fabulous photos in this post is Robert Peterson of Rustic White Photography unless otherwise noted. All photos were taken from the HGTV website—which you need to go to in order to enter the Dream Home Sweepstakes because someone is gong to win it and it may as well be me….or you!

While we look at the many great ideas in the fantastic design of this home, I’m also going to be a tad critical in a couple of tiny spots. Everyone has a point of view and I’m completely pretending that this is my mountain home, so I want what I want. The outside is gorgeous and I wouldn’t change a thing.

The home is in Whitefish, Montana. When you walk into the Family Room, look at that view! It would be hard to decorate a room worthy of that view, but Brian has done a spectacular job. I love the color palette in the whole house - gray, blue and orange. Gray is not a color that usually adds warmth to a room, but it sure does in this one.

Tiny criticism: while I love that light fixture, who is going to keep those little shades dusted? They’re way up high, so even my beloved staff will have a hard time with that task. I’m sorry/not sorry, but I’m a practical woman.

A note - when you look at the HGTV website to see more photos and info about this home, you’ll often see a little blue dot on a photo. Clicking that dot will give you more information about one of the products in the picture! Sweet! It doesn’t work on my photo because this one is just a screenshot. HGTV is much fancier than I am. Unfortunately, this rug is completely out of stock in every size, but it gives you a great idea about using a southwestern style rug, doesn’t it?

If you include a photo with a dog in it, I’m going to show it. Just so cute. This photo was taken by Tomas Espinoza and that’s a handsome dog. Above the fireplace, Mr. Moose is “upholstered” in fabric. He looks warm and comfy.

Tiny criticism. In my dream home in Montana, I want a much bigger fireplace in a 2 story room. And I want it to be wood burning.

The Kitchen - I’m loving the dark bottom cabinets and the white uppers and those blue leather counter stools.

The cabinet hardware really caught my eye! The finish is called zinc and I think it’s perfection.

Drawing traffic all around the Kitchen is always a great idea. Someone can be at the sink, someone else at the stove, someone else at the wine fridge, etc. This kitchen has zones and I love zones!

Tiny criticism - those metal light fixtures will only let light shine downward. I want light to go everywhere: up, down, sideways. Also, it’s a dream home. I want the upper cabinets to go all the way to the ceiling.

One more Kitchen shot - again, the hardware and finishes are SO good. I think they call the finish on the faucet and soap dispenser black stainless. I want me some black stainless!

The Master Bedroom is Fantastic Design x 100. The warm wall color (on the ceiling too), the pattern and color on the rug, the rustic mixed with the refined, the way the gray is warmed up with the color palette and the wood tones, the proportions of the mirrors behind the generous nightstands, the sparkle of the lamps. WELL DONE!

I think I’ve got the vapors, let me just pause for a sec.

Ok, I’m back. In the above photo we’re looking out from the bed. This is what I’m going to wake up to every morning in this house. And look at how those curtains frame the view. Please can I win this house? It’s so “ME!” But I’m not going to learn to ski. I’ll toboggan.

And here’s another view of the Master Bedroom. Hmmm, can we really watch that TV from the bed? It must have an articulating arm to face in a better direction. Isn’t that chair by the window just divine? And the tree trunk accent table? It was brilliant to tuck those items into that space.

Here’s the Master Bathroom. Those big mirrors are almost too big, but he made them work perfectly. I say it’s always better to be too big than too small. Nice light fixtures, easy access to towels and hooks for robes. Really, Brian made this house just right.

Can you imagine this view in your shower? Yes please.

The 3 photos above are of another bedroom in the Dream Home. Look at the wall color! And the use of artwork in the whole house is awesome. Large in scale and usually of wintery views.

The bathroom adjoining the red bedroom mixes red with aqua, which is currently a favorite color combination of mine. Do those red light fixtures make you smile or what?

Brian got dark and moody in this room and it works because of all the pops of white. And the view sure doesn’t hurt.

For those who feel that on-suites should be painted in a similar color, looky here. This dusty blue compliments the dark hue in the bedroom. It’s accented with the black and white roman shade on the window. And notice the large scale piece of art. Perfect!

I know, it just goes on and on! This is the landing on the second floor. The artwork continues to be such a great lesson. Brian says that when he uses a lot of color, he likes to balance it with black and white artwork. Looks great, doesn’t it? If you struggle with where to put the art in your home, I’ve got a lovely free digital magazine that tackles that very topic. You can get it by signing up on the bottom of any page on my website!

He did it with the art again with this space. The black and white cools down the color is the nicest possible way. And I always love to see musical instruments on the wall. Easiest “art” ever! If you’ve got a musical instrument, hang it up!

This is the side entrance. Thoughtful touches include a bench to sit down and take off your boots and a place for the mail. All the window treatments in the house are very pretty.

Let’s finish up out back. Who wouldn’t want to sit down in front of this fireplace with their nearest and dearest? Ahhhhhhhhh.

And the grillmaster of the family will be happily cooking up some buffalo burgers for lunch right here. What a house! Starting today, I’ll be entering to win two times a day and crossing my fingers very tightly!