Finds - affordable art!


When I see something online or in my travels that I think could make a space a little more special, I snap a pic or screenshot it and add it to my folder.

While I don’t believe in buying a lot of “stuff,” these come under the heading of “Finds.” This means they make me smile, evoke a memory, make life easier—or all three!

Here’s a good one:

A wonderful place to source stationary products, gifts and - unbeknownst to me until today - art, is Felix Doolittle. The art category might be a new offering, but more likely I just didn’t realize it. Their watercolors of objects, flowers, animals and sea creatures are gorgeous. Just one of any of them would be lovely on a wall or shelf and a grouping would be amazing. The prices make that very easy to do!

Of course I’d use a Michael’s coupon to get frames on the cheap. But I’ve learned to be picky about the glass, getting the right glass (cheap, plastic, real, anti-reflective, UV protected, etc.) for the value of the art and where it will hang.

Below I’v made a couple of examples for you. Using a few photos in my files, I added some of the art offerings from Felix Doolittle to dress up the walls.


Artwork that shows anything you love (like dogs) is a quick trick to create an inviting home.

Who doesn’t love to look at pictures of pooches?

My friend, Lisa, introduced me to Felix Doolittle. I think I’ve already told you that Lisa is the queen of recognizing a find.


Here’s my bathroom - I put a whale watercolor over the towel bar. Very watery vibe. Astrologically, I’m on the cusp of Pisces and Aquarius, so this really makes me smile.


Father’s Day is coming up. Wouldn’t it be a super thoughtful gift to give him art that reflects his interests, his style, or just something up on the wall that is celebrates his manly contributions to your tribe? I love these, above. A bowtie, binoculars and a fedora! Just fun.

Affordable art is one of my favorite things to find!

With sparkle and texture,