Get Rid Of Those Leaves! And other decorating mistakes (and easy fixes)

Decorating mistakes are fun to read about, but let’s be honest: they’re just little areas or issues that we haven’t paid attention to in a long time because life is busy and we’ve all got things to do. Often something was a big trend, we jumped on the wagon and never thought about it again.

Design however, is just like life. It’s always changing and hopefully often improving. On top of that, contractors and builders often play “designer” and harried homeowners go along with their recommendations which are, in hindsight, really bad.

So do you have “silk” leaves over your kitchen cabinets? Friends, it’s time to shake the dust off those leaves and throw them away because you can do better!

What about a double backsplash? I don’t expect you to correct that. However, the next time you’re making a backsplash decision, I’ve got some information for you in this video. I hope it helps!

Disclaimer - my videos aren’t fancy or slick. In this one, I tried adding some “music.” Now when I hear it, I cringe. But the information is good, so take a look!