Highlights and trends at the 2015 Spring Market in High Point!

  I've already been in High Point a lot this year (nice to live so close to the furniture capital of the world), but this week was the really big show--the International Furniture Market--where the whole world shows up, so back I went with some fun design buddies in tow.


Bobo Unique showroom



We saw a whole lotta stuff.  Weird, funny, boring, questionable and fabulous stuff.  I go mainly to train my eyes on what's about to appear in the stores, to enjoy all the display artistry and to people-watch.





Animal themes were everywhere.  I saw these french bulldogs early in the day.  Gosh they are so cute.




It's a long day with a great deal of walking.  I "test" as many sofas as possible!


hammered zinc metal coffee table, round coffee table, steel base


From what I saw in many showrooms, glass tops are coming back strong on coffee and end tables.  Very pretty and visually lighter than all the reclaimed wood tops of the last couple of years.  But I still love tops that can take more abuse than glass--like the hammered zinc in the above photo.


metal accent furniture, kid friendly furniture



Here's a close-up.  Looks like jewelry to me.  I love it and might order exactly this one for my Living Room.


dining tables, kitchen tables, wood tables, live edge on furniture


This is called a "live edge."  It's a natural, polished finishing touch to a wood top. Saw it in many showrooms.  Nice, nice, nice.


space saving wine rack, wall wine rack, metal wine rack


This wine rack is a clean look and saves space!


small wine rack, wall rack, space saving accessories, wine lovers, wine storage


Here's the short version.  Is that enough wine for you?



text as art, e.b. white, inspirational quotes



I saw quite a bit of this kind of "art."  Quotes across canvas, painted on barnboard, cut out of metal.


door mat, friendly doormat


This door mat is a great example of how a very small thing can add personality to your home.  I'd be smiling before I even knocked on the door!


trending colors, blue rooms, blue walls


The color blue was everywhere.  Not teal this time--cobalt, sky, denim, indigo.  BLUE.  Very nice to see.


bassett mirror company, blue wall covering, blue accents, mirrors, nautical prints, mirrored furniture


For the 2nd Market in a row, Bassett Mirror Company gets my vote for best showroom design.  Their use of wall paper, bright colors and sparkling mirrors always feels so good!


creative ideas, wall hanging, paper laser cut, screen


Oh, the crafty girl inside of me loved this laser cut paper screen!  A very affordable way to get a unique look.


festive accent lighting, japanese lanterns, origami inspired, lighting


These lanterns are made of paper and have lights inside.  The rep said they could go on a screened porch (of course they could!), but I could tell the thought made him nervous.  I'll have to invite him over to mine.  These are very substantial and just gorgeous.


Guildmaster at High Point, Guildmaster bed, wood headboard, wood footboard, bedroom design


Guildmaster makes this lovely bed.  It combines a couple of trends nicely, creating a look that will last.


bedroom chests, bureaus, painted furniture, oil painting, artwork



A couple of chests and artwork, from Guildmaster.


club chair, rocker, swivel chair, leather furniture, tv chair


This chair was a great find.  Many clients have the TV over the fireplace (a curse, if you ask me).  They are always looking up to watch, which isn't the most comfortable position.  When you sit in this chair, that position is fully supported!  The back is high enough to rest your head comfortably AND it rocks.  I can't remember if it swivels, but it might.  Great leather chair!


Joybird, mcm, modern furniture design, retro sofa, retro sectional


Towards the end of the day it was time to test out some more sofas!  Here we are, the 3 tired decorating amigos at Joybird.  I love mid-century design, don't you?


I've got more, but have got to end this post.    It was a great day.  Now I need to incorporate all the new ideas I saw into projects, which is the best part of going to Market!