How To Give An Old Chair A New Look

how to give an old chair a new look

I want to give this old (very old) chair a new look. It's time for a new slipcover, but I'm not quite ready to commit to that. This slipcover has made me happy for years, but now, instead of looking handsome and nubby, it just looks tired and heavy.

how to give an old chair a new look

I took the slipcover off, revealing the original chair.  It's a Drexel Heritage club chair -  nice quality and about 25 years old.  It needs new fabric, but at least the original doesn't look so heavy.  The skirt, however, has to go.  So I took out some sharp scissors, a glue gun and my sewing machine for some very basic altering.

how to give an old chair a new look

This old chair is finally showing off it's legs and  looks much lighter.  I can easily live with it  while I scout out fabric for new slipcovers.

This is what happens when I take a day off with no new books to read.  I'll go to the library tomorrow, but in the meantime, this chair has a twin!