Lamps to love

  I was wandering through Target this morning, trying to get through my pre-Easter list--but failing because, as I said, I was wandering through Target...


jadite, light fixtures, table lamp, interior design, cottage decor


Because I'm a lighting freak, I always have to check out the lamps and shades.  Look at this cutie!  The base looks like jadeite and the shade has a caned overlay on white.  Loved it, want it, don't need it, still thinking 'bout it, where would I put it?


mustard, yellow, lamps for kids,  kitchen lamp, foyer light, interior design services Raleigh


And look at it in saffron!  It's a deep, saturated yellow.  Target is a great place to keep your eyes peeled for lamps.  Very hit or miss, but when you hit, you hit.


Easter eggs


Tomorrow my family celebrates Easter - a happy day for sure.  I wish you Peace!