Nursing Home Visit

Yesterday was a good day.  Ginny lives in the memory unit of a nursing home.  Her loving daughter-in-law asked me to put drapery panels on the windows in her room to make it feel warmer and more like home.  When Ginny was younger, she had a beautiful home, decorated with gorgeous furniture, rugs and custom window treatments.  

curtains on wood rod, rings, finials


This Robert Allen fabric was perfect - Ginny has very conservative taste, and recognized the type of pattern right away with great pleasure.  We chose a butterfly pleated header.  That may be a somewhat dated choice, but when working with people with memory problems, choosing recognizable details is important.


before window treatment


Here's Ginny's window before the drapery panels went up.  She has a pretty view and sweet little friends!


drapery panels over mini blinds


Now the drapes are up.  Doesn't that feel better?  The curtain fabric has a touch of pink in it that you can't see in my iPhone photo.  It coordinates beautifully with the Waverly fabric on the chair.  Ginny remembers every detail about all the furnishings in her room.  She loves decorating and color.


Like I said.  A good day.