High Point International Furniture Market

8 Trends Seen In High Point!

Just got back from the International Furniture Market in High Point, NC and am going to zip through the top 6 trends I saw consistently at Market.  Here I am, above, rockin' my Lands End pink checked shirt and comfy Skechers GoWalk slip ons.  No fashionista--but I'm smiling and can walk all day!

Trend #1 - Matte Gold Finishes

They were everywhere and on everything.   Very warm and appealing.  I saw a lot of chrome, too.  Cool and sleek.  Oil rubbed bronze is still out there as well.

Trend #2 - Stone

Geodes and agate looks were EVERYWHERE.  Agate is a volcanic rock and a geode is a round rock with a hollow center.  Here's a quick illustration to jog your memory:

Marble, granite and other gorgeous stones made an appearance in just about every showroom.  It's family friendly stuff.

Trend #3 - Shagreen

Shagreen looks like sharkskin and has a sort of rough finish.  It was on table tops, trays, boxes and upholstery.

Trend #4 - Unfinished Wood

While I'm sure all the unfinished wood products that I saw wasn't really completely unfinished, they were made so as not to be smooth and even.  I didn't like them--they felt sort of unsanitary to me (I always wonder "how am I going to clean this?").  But I saw it A LOT.

Trend #5 - Lucite/acrylic

Mid Century Modern/Mad Men continues to have a huge influence on offerings, and my beloved Lucite is showing up everywhere.  The above photo shows both   I noticed Lucite handles on traditional pieces too and it's a very successful pairing.  I am a lover of all things clear, so Lucite is my girl!

Trend #6 - Artichokes

It's a pretty shape.  I like it!  Acrylic bases on table lamps is becoming the norm.

Trend #7 - Track Arms

Big rolled arms were in short supply and I saw a ton of track arms, like this photo above.  Not an exciting example, I know.  Can you tell I'm fading here?  Seeing the trends in High Point is a great resource for us, but it's exhausting and I'm tuckered out.  But I love track arms because they make a sofa or chair more comfortable AND take up less space.

Trend #8 - Round Lights

This trend has been around for a while, but it keeps on growing.  These chandeliers were spectacular.  I think they're by Ralph Lauren.  I'll confirm and correct if not.

Those were the 8 trends I noticed in High Point this Spring.  Another time I'll show you some of my favorite finds!