book recommendations

What I'm reading now.

It's snowing -  a big event here in NC.  It is really piling up and the perfect opportunity to pull out a book.  Today I'm reading "Theft By Finding" by David Sedaris.  As is usually the case with Sedaris, it's a laugh out loud book, with plenty of serious stuff tucked in

You can buy it here, or by clicking on the book photo.


I love David Sedaris and his kind of humor.  It's dry, sad, honest and hilarious--a quirky combination that's very human.  I can't take his books to waiting rooms because they make me laugh too hard.

Here's an update as I finished the book - this one isn't as consistently funny as some of his others.  It's still a good read and often very funny, but it's more of an interesting story of what he was doing and going through during 1977-2002.

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Whenever you have the chance, grab a book that makes you laugh.