Another Must-Have To Make Your Office Run Smoothly!

Meet Sheila Rennart of Quick Bookkeeping, Inc., (click on her business name back there to get the link) here in Raleigh.  Of course I've been keeping my accounts straight throughout the years, but it has taken a LOT of time to do that--because knowing how to add, subtract, multiply and divide isn't the same as accounting.  If you're running a business, this is another one of those things you need to hand over to an expert.  Sheila LOVES accounting (thank you, God, for making all kinds of people)!  AND she taught Karen and I how to use the accounting software.  She is our hero.

Do you think you can't afford a bookkeeper?  The truth is that you can't afford not to hire a bookeeper.  She saves you money.  Go figure.  I won't share Karen (my Business Manager, talked about here), but I can share Sheila!