Color Comes To The Workplace!

Boy oh boy, have we been busy bees here at DeCocco Design!  Remember how I introduced you to Karen, my amazing assistant, back in April (click here for that post)?  She's been hard at work keeping the office humming and organized and her herculean efforts have paid off in spades.  No matter how busy we are, nothing piles up, gets forgotten or falls through the cracks. Life (and business) is just better when you have help!

I'm catching you up on some of the projects we've been working on.  Click here if you missed yesterday's post.  Today we'll visit an office project that is ongoing, but started receiving rave reviews from the employees very early on.  


Every office in this project has two of these comfy chairs for visitors.  They're designed by Eero Saarinen for Knoll.  Lovely lines and upholstered in the nubby, neutral, commercial fabric often found on mid century modern furniture.  


Nubby, neutral fabric.  Can't get much more neutral than this.  The texture is nice, but I wouldn't want to stare at these chairs across from my desk every day.  The client (Ms. D) told me that it was time for a BIG change.  She loves color and isn't afraid to use it!


Using a rug as a jumping off point, we found commercial grade fabrics that say "Hello Gorgeous!" to everyone walking by.  That makes them smile.  Smiling employees are nice to have.  Good goal.  So we started with 3 chairs.


Here I am on delivery day with the newly upholstered chairs.  It was so much fun to see how great they looked--the upholsterer I work with is absolutely the best.  I wanted to sneak them back into the elevator and haul them to my own office!  But there's no sneaking bright orange, magenta and yellow. 

Surely you want to see them close up:

workplace_ color_kravet_fabric_durham_design

Then we moved on to other offices.  Everyone had chosen colorful desk accessories from Poppin, so we used those to coordinate the colors for their chairs.

Some of the   Poppin   colors.  Aren't they great?   Such an awesome change from the typical black stuff (that most of us have--why?  why?!).

Some of the Poppin colors.  Aren't they great?   Such an awesome change from the typical black stuff (that most of us have--why?  why?!).

When we're done, 27 chairs will have been reupholstered.  Let me show you the original again--then I'll show you how fantastic they look now:

The Before.  

The Before.  



Look at me!

Look at me!

Come on in!

Come on in!

It boggles the mind (well, the Work Order did anyway)!  We've got 6 more coming.  Every office has wonderful natural light, so walking down the hall is a real treat--it's one sassy, happy combination after another.  With smiling employees, which is the real treat.

I'll show you the rest when they come.