Bedrooms: 4 Ideas Your Kids Will Love!

Bedrooms, 4 ideas your kids will love
Bedrooms, 4 ideas your kids will love

Kids love their bedrooms.  They can escape from the world of grown-ups and hunker down with their "stuff."  Give them an awesome space that they'll love spending time in and won't grow out of quickly.  Here are 4 great bedroom ideas that your kids will love!

Great Bedroom Idea For Kids #1

Always my favorite: a chalk board wall - it can be the entire wall, a part of a wall or a flat, hollow core lauan door.   We put the chalk board on a small wall in this playroom and had the carpenter frame it out so it looked finished.

Tip - read the ingredients on the box of chalk.  Don't buy chalk that has wax in it (lots of the bright colors contain wax).  Wax sticks to the chalkboard--like forever.   Look for plain ol' chalk.

Great Bedroom Idea For Kids #2



Pick a great color for the walls--if they're old enough, let them choose.   9 times out of 10 they're going to choose colors that are brighter than you would choose.  Let kids be kids. Their bedrooms do not need to be younger versions of yours.  Paint the ceiling another color, in a pale hue.  Really.  Kids don't need white ceilings.

Tip - if your ceilings are smooth, use a satin or semi-gloss finish instead of the usual flat.  It gives a soft glow and looks great.

Great Bedroom Idea For Kids #3

A second bed.  Kids do not usually need big beds, but they do need to have plenty of sleepovers.  A bunk-bed,  trundle or 2 twin beds will do the trick and will make YOUR life easier when company comes.  If space is tight, push one of the twins against the wall and prop lots of pillows across the back--now you're all set for pillow fights too!  If you can fit a comfy chair in the room as well, please do.  Glider/rockers are my personal choice.  They're loved by everyone from sleepy babies to angry teenagers.

Tip - use fluffy pillows on both beds and replace them when they get flat or lumpy.  They don't need to be expensive.  And put the pillows inside zippered pillow covers and then in cotton pillow cases.  Let's keep those old school--and hygenic--touches alive.

Great Bedroom Idea For Kids #4

Curtains.  My experiences in all kinds of homes has been that kids love to have curtains.  I know, it's a little surprising.  If they can close them, the bonus is "atmosphere" (how better to see those glow sticks, stars on the ceiling or black light posters?) and it makes the room feel special.

Tip -  Hang them high and get them wide enough to shut over the window. You might need 2 panels on each side if you buy ready-made.  Buy decent rods that won't bend over time.

A big Thank You to my friend, designer Sara Veety of Clover Hill Interiors, for letting me use her photo of those super cute twin beds in a room of her design!

Do you want more ideas to decorate your angel's bedroom?  I can map it out for you in a 2 hour interior design consultation if you live in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area here in North Carolina.  Call me today!