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Making a home light, bright and inviting!

I wrote about part of this project recently, so now let's look at the whole thing.  It's quite a change:


Above is the Before of one corner of the Family Room...


...and here's the After!  The room was always attractive, but it was time to lighten things up.  


I showed you this entertainment center in this previous post, but I can't get over the difference between then....


...and how that same wall looks now.   Are you loving that accent rug?  Me too.  Meeee-yow!


Here's another camera angle of the room.  Since these photos were taken, the coffee table has been replaced.  No pretty objects have been placed on it yet, but I want to include it:


Pretty fandabulous!  The metallic finish on the top makes my heart beat faster!


We took down the sheers on the back windows and replaced them with my favorite roller shades that go up and down with the touch of a finger.  When rolled completely up, they just disappear.


Such nice nailhead detail on the Sherrill sofas!  Custom accent pillows, window treatments and that fab rug add color and pattern to an otherwise neutral room.


The Family Room is open to the adjoining Kitchen.  Above is a Before that gives you an idea of how it looked.  I need to find a pic that shows the old light fixture....

Found it!



Here's the After:


Morning coffee in here will really put you in the right mood to start the day!  


We used french returns on the metal rods for the custom cafe curtains.  Tres bien!

Then we tackled the formal dining room.  The Before will show that it was already a gracious, traditional space with lively colors, custom window treatments and a gorgeous table.  These clients were just ready for a change.  A general updating with a calm vibe was the goal.

Here's the Before:


And here's what we did:


The heavy top treatments came off the windows, a new custom rug was designed and the dining chairs were reupholstered.  This room is still formal, but in a lighter, brighter and more modern way.


I always try to use 2 upholstery fabrics on dining chairs.  It's a subtle touch.  When you're in the room, I want you to find little design surprises slowly but surely.

This entire project was a treat to work on.  We were able to make big and small changes that added up to a refresh that flows from room to room and really reflects the personalities and lifestyle of the clients. 

Life is good!



8 Trends Seen In High Point!

Just got back from the International Furniture Market in High Point, NC and am going to zip through the top 6 trends I saw consistently at Market.  Here I am, above, rockin' my Lands End pink checked shirt and comfy Skechers GoWalk slip ons.  No fashionista--but I'm smiling and can walk all day!

Trend #1 - Matte Gold Finishes

They were everywhere and on everything.   Very warm and appealing.  I saw a lot of chrome, too.  Cool and sleek.  Oil rubbed bronze is still out there as well.

Trend #2 - Stone

Geodes and agate looks were EVERYWHERE.  Agate is a volcanic rock and a geode is a round rock with a hollow center.  Here's a quick illustration to jog your memory:

Marble, granite and other gorgeous stones made an appearance in just about every showroom.  It's family friendly stuff.

Trend #3 - Shagreen

Shagreen looks like sharkskin and has a sort of rough finish.  It was on table tops, trays, boxes and upholstery.

Trend #4 - Unfinished Wood

While I'm sure all the unfinished wood products that I saw wasn't really completely unfinished, they were made so as not to be smooth and even.  I didn't like them--they felt sort of unsanitary to me (I always wonder "how am I going to clean this?").  But I saw it A LOT.

Trend #5 - Lucite/acrylic

Mid Century Modern/Mad Men continues to have a huge influence on offerings, and my beloved Lucite is showing up everywhere.  The above photo shows both   I noticed Lucite handles on traditional pieces too and it's a very successful pairing.  I am a lover of all things clear, so Lucite is my girl!

Trend #6 - Artichokes

It's a pretty shape.  I like it!  Acrylic bases on table lamps is becoming the norm.

Trend #7 - Track Arms

Big rolled arms were in short supply and I saw a ton of track arms, like this photo above.  Not an exciting example, I know.  Can you tell I'm fading here?  Seeing the trends in High Point is a great resource for us, but it's exhausting and I'm tuckered out.  But I love track arms because they make a sofa or chair more comfortable AND take up less space.

Trend #8 - Round Lights

This trend has been around for a while, but it keeps on growing.  These chandeliers were spectacular.  I think they're by Ralph Lauren.  I'll confirm and correct if not.

Those were the 8 trends I noticed in High Point this Spring.  Another time I'll show you some of my favorite finds!