parade of homes

8 Model Home Design Ideas

Model Home Design Idea #1 - siting the house well.

Never underestimate curb appeal.  The landscaping and siting of this home is awesome--very homey and modest but deluxe at the same time (there's a small lake in the backyard, which is pretty deluxe to me!).

Model Home Design Idea #2 - a great garage door detail.

Pay attention to the garage. This one's got it goin' on.  Love the barn door style and LOVE the transoms.  


Model Home Design Idea #3 - pay attention to the hallways.

It's all about having a pleasant view, no matter where you are in the house.  Large scale artwork, a bench that feels sculptural and a pretty textile dressed up as a pillow creates a very nice place to perch!


Model Home Design Idea #4 - bring back charm.

When I entered the foyer and turned to the right, this room knocked my socks off. The colors are lovely, the sunshine is pouring in, the chandelier that adds sparkle--but really  because of the built in china cabinet.  I thought to myself, "yes! That charming, wonderful, old-fashioned detail is finally coming back!"  Later, when looking at the photo, I spotted that silly swan at the top.  Hey!  It's not a built-in china cabinet, it's a slide in china cabinet that's not nearly tall enough, so leaves this big gaping hole that someone felt had to be filled with that dopey swan.  I'm sorry, you know I don't usually complain like this, but I was really disappointed.  Those old built-ins really need to come back into favor.  They were brilliant.  But the width of the piece is lovely.


Model Home Design Idea #5 - include pets in the design.

A mudroom equipped for dogs is a brilliant idea!  Here in North Carolina, our soil tends to be clay.  Clay is a devil to get out of carpeting, so getting it off the paws is a priority after walks and romps.  This home really gave the pooches their own pads.  A place for a shower, hooks for leashes and even dining facilities were included.


Model Home Design Idea #6 - a spacious pantry.

Oh baby, I really loved this one.  Instead of a wide, shallow closet in the kitchen, as many pantries tend to be, this one is a long, think room.  WITH A WINDOW!  All kinds of shelves!  There was also a little nook over there to the right, but I can't remember anything about it.  I think more shelves.  I would love to have a pantry like this.  Even if you don't cook much, it would be Entertainment Supply Central!

Model Home Design Idea #7 - clean lines paired with glamorous finishes.

I'm not a fancy girl, but I love the small details that add up in this bathroom.  The white cabinets are almost Shaker, but have a little more flair (I am tired of Shaker cabinets--they're often too darn flimsy).   The hardware has a bit of pattern on it, the rounded edge of the granite counters feels yummy and the antiqued silver finish on the  mirrors is just perfect.  

Same goes for this master bathroom.  Gray has been done to death, but this room shows how timeless it can be.  I'm a fan of the cabinet on top of the counter, dividing the two sinks.   Same mirrors - great proportions.

And I'm crazy for these door pulls.  Yes, I'm always crazy for anything acrylic.  Need to find these and hope they come with more of a pewter accent--but I'll take the chrome quite happily if need be.


Model Home Design Ideas #8 - views.

This should go with #1 (siting the house well).  Looking out at trees and water from the back made this gorgeous home a showstopper.  Nothing lowers the blood pressure, calms the frazzled or puts life in perspective like looking at Mother Earth doing her thing.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!