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6 Design Details That Make A Difference!

Blue and white never goes out of style.

Details make the difference.

They say the devil is in the details, and nowhere is that more true than in decorating.  Paying attention to  details, big and small, makes an enormous difference!  I wrote an article about it for the Raleigh News & Observer that was published this weekend.  Discover my 6 tips by clicking here

The room above was a 2017 project that completely transformed the client's home.  It's packed with details that make a diff.  I wrote about another room in this project here.  

The art on the walls are design details.

One detail that really serves this room well is the stunning artwork by Michelle Woolley Sauter of One Coast Design--it's the piece right above the wingback chair in the left corner.  Isn't it gorgeous?  I'm crazy about how an abstract shakes up a traditional room in the best possible way.

The fabrics and trim are design details.

Using a contrasting fabric on the welt of upholstered seating is my favorite favorite design detail.  I'm the (self proclaimed) Queen of Contrast Welt! Look at the before and after photo of two club chairs in the room below--I'm so pleased with the way they turned out, thanks to an incredibly talented upholsterer.



Now there was nothing wrong with this Ethan Allen chair when it was purchased many years ago.  Good bones, quality construction and very comfortable.  The fabric just needed an update.  This new blue paisley is a showstopper from Kravet and the contrast welt outlines the chair in a pretty khaki/gold shade.  And you can't see it here, but we also took off the skirt to show off pretty legs.  That's another design detail worth it's weight in gold!


Getting design details right is what we do.

Do you find it difficult to add interesting details when decorating your home?  If so, call an interior designer to learn how to do it.  You might only need a two hour consultation to hear ideas that could change the way you decorate every room in your house!



8 Trends Seen In High Point!

Just got back from the International Furniture Market in High Point, NC and am going to zip through the top 6 trends I saw consistently at Market.  Here I am, above, rockin' my Lands End pink checked shirt and comfy Skechers GoWalk slip ons.  No fashionista--but I'm smiling and can walk all day!

Trend #1 - Matte Gold Finishes

They were everywhere and on everything.   Very warm and appealing.  I saw a lot of chrome, too.  Cool and sleek.  Oil rubbed bronze is still out there as well.

Trend #2 - Stone

Geodes and agate looks were EVERYWHERE.  Agate is a volcanic rock and a geode is a round rock with a hollow center.  Here's a quick illustration to jog your memory:

Marble, granite and other gorgeous stones made an appearance in just about every showroom.  It's family friendly stuff.

Trend #3 - Shagreen

Shagreen looks like sharkskin and has a sort of rough finish.  It was on table tops, trays, boxes and upholstery.

Trend #4 - Unfinished Wood

While I'm sure all the unfinished wood products that I saw wasn't really completely unfinished, they were made so as not to be smooth and even.  I didn't like them--they felt sort of unsanitary to me (I always wonder "how am I going to clean this?").  But I saw it A LOT.

Trend #5 - Lucite/acrylic

Mid Century Modern/Mad Men continues to have a huge influence on offerings, and my beloved Lucite is showing up everywhere.  The above photo shows both   I noticed Lucite handles on traditional pieces too and it's a very successful pairing.  I am a lover of all things clear, so Lucite is my girl!

Trend #6 - Artichokes

It's a pretty shape.  I like it!  Acrylic bases on table lamps is becoming the norm.

Trend #7 - Track Arms

Big rolled arms were in short supply and I saw a ton of track arms, like this photo above.  Not an exciting example, I know.  Can you tell I'm fading here?  Seeing the trends in High Point is a great resource for us, but it's exhausting and I'm tuckered out.  But I love track arms because they make a sofa or chair more comfortable AND take up less space.

Trend #8 - Round Lights

This trend has been around for a while, but it keeps on growing.  These chandeliers were spectacular.  I think they're by Ralph Lauren.  I'll confirm and correct if not.

Those were the 8 trends I noticed in High Point this Spring.  Another time I'll show you some of my favorite finds!