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How To Decorate With Vintage

How to decorate with vintage

Many people would love to decorate with vintage furniture, but they just aren't sure about the end result.  Will it look ratty and dated or unique and inspiring?  I love to haunt consignment shops for special vintage pieces to create awesome spaces and have to say that decorating with vintage can sometimes be easier than with new stuff.  Let me show you how to do it.

How to decorate with vintage: Tip #1 - start with the big piece.

In a Family Room or Living Room, that would be the sofa. Here's a great choice:

how to decorate with vintage

You could use a vintage sofa, but they're hard to find.  This blue color works so well with vintage pieces and the neutral style is extremely versatile.

How to decorate with vintage: Tip #2 - select vintage pieces that you love...

even if you're afraid they're weird or funky.  Be brave dear heart.

How to decorate with vintage furniture

I found these mushroom footstools and rug at a local consignment shop and fell in love.  They are weird, funky and stopped me in my tracks--all signs pointing to the right purchase!  Thrift and consignment are great sources for vintage furnishings.  Stop by often to scoop up the good stuff.

How to decorate with vintage, Tip #3 - don't overwhelm.

With a colorful sofa, those fab footstools and the rug, you now can easily fill in with an end table, lamp and colorful chair.   But I have a little saying to share with you:

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Not everyone will agree, but I feel that a room full of fabulosity can get loud and visually messy real quick.  I want special things to stand out, and for the room to have an easy vibe.  That's my signature style as a designer - ease, as in comfortable.  YOU are the rock star in your room, not the stuff.  You sparkle more brightly when surrounded by things you love, but ALL the things you love don't need to be packed into every room.  Let's spread them out.

how to decorate with vintage

Above is a concept board I made to show you everything pulled together.  The sofa is from Klaussner's, the end table and lamp from West Elm and the leather chair from Arhaus. The centerpiece of the room is those mushroom footstools and the groovy rug, found at a local consignment shop.

Do you need some help pulling together a room?  Call me for a 2 hour design consultation today and I'll show you how to decorate with vintage furniture in your own home!