The Dreaded Deep Clean


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This pic is of a pile of books on my studio floor.  I will NOT be showing you the rest of the mess.  Suffice to say I'm doing a deep clean.  Oy.  Don't you hate doing the deep clean?  Pulling books off the shelves, culling, dusting, throwing, discovering (oh, that's where that went!).



disney movies


Why are these Disney movies still in my office?  Grandboy is 10 years old now and wouldn't be caught dead watching them (sigh, those were the days--I never even got to see Frozen).


exercise equipment


And this little vignette of dust catchers just mocks me every day.  Out it goes!



Uline gridwall



The Hub installed some panels of gridwall over the weekend.  They're pretty fab--I'd recommend them for a lot of rooms.  Using the hooks, shelves or baskets, you can really make great use of wall space.  I want more!


The phone is ringing.  Have a great day.