The Mantel: A Timeless Tip To Decorate It!

I know many people struggle with decorating their mantel.  My advice?  Keep that mantel simple (except during the holidays, when you can do it UP).

This timeless tip requires 3 key items; single stems of seasonal flowers, bud vases and framed photos.  "Timeless" means you don't have to change it out often, which is a huge plus in my book.  Change the flowers when they fade and go on with your day!

Last week's flowers were tulips.  When I buy flowers, I always get a couple extra to use on the mantel. The short glass bowls had candles in them yesterday (Easter), so today I put polished river rocks in them, but they'll get put away soon.  The tulips and framed photos are enough.  Keep It Simple!

This week I stumbled upon these faux tulips.  Faux makes it even easier!

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Update - now it's March of 2018, two years after writing this post.  Guess what's on my mantel right now?  Take a look:


I'm certainly consistent!  The framed photographs haven't been put back up yet, but they will be soon enough.