What Does Your Magic Wand Do?

I'm convinced that everyone has a magic wand.  You might call them your special talents, but the phrase "magic wand" has more sparkle.  My wand transforms tired, embarrassing spaces into beautiful, functional rooms that work for myclients and make them smile, instead of cringe.

The Portfolio page on this website was becoming tired and a little embarrassing.  It wasn't really working for me, but I'm busy and it wasn't high on my list (sound familiar?).

Formal Dining Room, Raleigh interior design
Formal Dining Room, Raleigh interior design

Last week I flagged down my divine Webmaster and requested a change.  His magic wand creates uniquely gorgeous websites.  He waved that wand and gave me a fresh new Gallery page.  Take a look, it is FABULOUS!

I can add or change out photos as they come in, as the mood strikes and at my fancy. This new toy absolutely delights me.  While there are a million things I cannot do on a website, having this page at MY command is completely awesome.   For example, if I want to show you some colorful decor items:



BAM!  Do you see that?  3 neat little photos, nicely lined up.  You can click on each one to view more closely.


Or maybe I want to show you examples of vintage decor:



Sha-zam!  I did it again!  You may be thinking, "she must not get out much."  Mas non, mon ami, I am just thrilled that this space now works for me.  It's the same feeling my clients get when their rooms suddenly function for them.  So today I thank my Webmaster, the Academy and all the people who let me into their homes to wave my magic wand.