Design Services

You might think you’re too busy or don’t have enough skill in decorating your home, but I think you just need some guidance and a plan to follow. That’s what my design consultation provides and it can make all the difference in the world.

A game table, comfortable chairs and antique stained glass panels in the window create a very special finished basement.

Design Service #1

2 Hour Design in your home . . . . $425

This is not a casual conversation about decorating. It’s a #getitdone meeting to develop the plan that will transform your room. After our meeting, I’ll spend another hour in my office, gathering goodies to send to you. These might include a short video summarizing your plan, paper samples of any paint colors we selected, source recommendations and a digital floor-plan.

This consultation is a fast-track version of working with a professional, experienced designer. It can save you an enormous amount of time and money. My degree in interior design and depth of experience allow me to provide top notch, in-depth guidance. If you enjoy shopping and executing a plan, this is the perfect service for you!

Feeling like you need more guidance after the 2 hour design consultation? I offer a follow-up service just for you:

Design Service #2

5 hours of design time to Shop & Show . . . .$725

After the design consultation, I can help you through the next step of your plan - finding the right products! Shopping locally and online, I’ll source 5 of the major items you need, such as a sofa, chairs, light fixture and rug, and all within your budget: that’s the “Shop.” Everything will be shown on a digital board (see the example of a digital board below) with the information you need to make purchases: that’s the “Show.”

With this service, you get the design plan AND a direct path to recommended products. You’re still saving a great deal of time and money because much of the shopping is done, but you’re handling the ordering and managing the project from here!

This is an example of a digital design board showing products and links that highlight sources to find each one. This is provided to clients who opt for both Design Service #1 and #2.

This is an example of a digital design board showing products and links that highlight sources to find each one. This is provided to clients who opt for both Design Service #1 and #2.


Let’s Get Started!

Click on over to my Contact page to receive more information, including a link to schedule a free, no-obligation Discovery Call. We’ll talk about what you need as well as the benefits and parameters of the two services I offer.

I look forward to helping you create a home that makes you smile.

Updated Traditional Family Room In Raleigh

Save time, save money, get it (beautifully) done.

Something to think about:

going it alone vs. getting professional design direction

With my help: 

  • Great ideas and creative direction that will transform your rooms

  • Colors you love and furniture placement that works

  • A plan to follow and consult when shopping, saving time and money

  • Specific information on what to buy and what to keep

  • Information to steer you away from common mistakes

  • The confidence and motivation to move forward

  • Your home is finally going to look the way you want it to look. This will make it easier to live in and easier to entertain in. Check this off your list!

On your own:

  • Wishing your rooms were stylish and comfortable

  • Overwhelmed by decorating information

  • Shopping trips that leave you confused about what you should purchase

  • Wasting your limited time

  • Pricey mistakes

  • Rooms that never get decorated to your liking