Design Services


Two hours in your home

Let’s create an action plan for you to follow with confidence and as time and budget allows.  During our meeting, I'll learn what you love--furniture you'd like to repurpose, accessories that have special meaning to you--and what just isn't working.

I'll offer abundant ideas about color, furnishings, layout, storage, lighting, accessories--everything you need to create the welcoming space you seek. You can work on implementing these ideas as time and budget allows.  You will have the confidence to move forward and get it done!

 Updated Traditional Family Room In Raleigh

Save time, save money, get it done

You might think that you’re just too busy or just not inclined toward DIY decorating, but I think it might be that you just need some guidance and a plan to follow. That’s what a design consultation can provide!

I’ll give you great ideas and solid direction so you can save both time and money AND end up with rooms that finally look the way you’ve always hoped they would.  


Going it alone vs. working with me:

With my help; 

  • Great ideas and creative direction that will transform your rooms

  • Colors you love and furniture placement that works

  • A plan to follow and consult when shopping

  • Specific information on what to buy and what to keep

  • Information to steer you away from common mistakes

  • Insight about where to shop, saving you time and money

  • The confidence and motivation to move forward

  • Your home is finally going to look the way you want it to look! This will make it easier to live in and easier to entertain in. Check this off your list!

On your own:

  • Wishing your rooms were stylish and comfortable

  • Overwhelmed by decorating information

  • Shopping trips that leave you confused about what you should purchase

  • Wasting your limited time

  • Pricey mistakes

  • Rooms that never get decorated to your liking


Let's get started! 

Click on over to my Contact page to receive more information. I’ll send you a link to schedule a free Discovery Call so we can dive into what you need help with.  I look forward to helping you create a home that makes you smile.